Mazzy Sleep

I started writing in July 2020 when I was eight years old. The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury sparked something in me, and since then I have been writing dark fantasy/horror short stories and poems every day. I’ve also completed two feature screenplays and a novella. Some of my other favorite writers are Louise Glück, Daphne du Maurier, Sara Teasdale, Leonora Carrington, and Kelly Link.



The Margins (Asian American Writers’ Workshop)

“The Colors Between White Lines” | Online, April 2023

Barren Magazine tree

Barren Magazine

“Game of Charades” | Online, September 2022


Defunct Magazine

Defunct Magazine

After the Fire” | Spring 2022

Maudlin House logo

Maudlin House

The Night Nobody Moved” | May 2022

Jellyfish Review

Another Person” | One line only. Maybe two, May 2022



The Bournemouth Writing Prize

The Bournemouth Young Writers Prize Anthology

“Through Others’ Eyes” | Print, Fall 2022


Lunar Codex

Lunar Codex

ringed winged” | Lunar South Pole, November 2024
Special commission for “The Polaris Collection”
SpaceX Falcon Heavy / Astrobotic Griffin Lander / NASA VIPER Rover

2022 RYPA cover

2022 Rattle Young Poets Anthology

“The City” | Print, June 2022

Queen's Quarterly Fall 2022 issue

Queen’s Quarterly

The Forest” | Print, Fall 2022

Queen's Quarterly Summer 2022 issue

Queen’s Quarterly

Mercy’s Sunset” | Print, Summer 2022

Queen's Quarterly Spring 2022 issue

Queen’s Quarterly

Literals” | Print, Spring 2022

Queen's Quarterly Winter 2021 issue

Queen’s Quarterly

Crown of Vespers” | Print, Winter 2021

The Broken Plate Spring 2022 issue

The Broken Plate

“Memorial” | Print, Spring 2022

Hawai’i Pacific Review

Hawaiʻi Pacific Review

Sunblow” | September 2021

Lunch Ticket

Never Mercy” | Amuse-Bouche, November 2021


Forest Poets

2021 Waltham Forest Poetry Competition

Cottage Grove” | Young Poets (under 18)
Commended by Joelle Taylor, winner of the 2021 T.S. Eliot Prize for Poetry

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League of Canadian Poets

Associate Member